Monday, November 15, 2010

Ready for the Holidays!

Ok, so I am not physically READY, but I am ready to have a good time with family and food for the next 6 weeks! We are finishing up our "4 weeks on" this week and I am ready to be done. We decorated our Egypt notebooks today and we're moving on to fire safety (just a one day unit). I think we will make a fire plan, a meeting point, and check our smoke alarms tonight for FHE. We will also practice getting out of our beds and crawling out of the house. It should be fun!

If I can get to the library tonight, then we will start our Thanksgiving unit tomorrow. I did get Amanda B's Thanksgiving unit and it has tons of good stuff. I always like the picture books to go along with the lessons. I should just scour my bookshelves...I am sure I have some Thanksgiving books somewhere. There are just so many to go through.

I sorted toys today and just have this huge urge to just get rid of most of them. You know the reason I hold on to most of them? Because of other people's kids. I don't want kids to come to my house and say, "Don't you have any toys?" or "I'm bored!" Isn't that SUCH a silly reason? All my kids need are books, furniture, and blankets for capes and they are good! Maybe I will just box them up...not get ride of them, and see if anyone even notices.

The next couple of weeks are filled with fun things....Harry Potter midnight showing, Enrichment, crafting with homeschool buddies, Stake Conference for church, Natalie's birthday, and my brother and his family and my parents here for Thanksgiving! YAY! The Saturday after is the Jones family Thanksgiving and that is always so much fun and quite crazy with 30 of us:) Good times!


FairyLover said...

I recently gave away my son's toy box, a entire garbage bag full of toys, and his rocking chair. When he came home from a weekend trip with Daddy, he immediately noticed the toy box was missing. He asked about the toys that were in the toy box. I just told them I mixed them in with his other toys. Which is what I did with the ones I kept. He still hasn't missed his rocking chair. Sometimes a Mama just has to clean house. We are still in no danger of anyone thinking we have no toys.

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Shanna said...

Sound like lots of fun. I feel the same about the toys. All my kids need are computers a Wii and blankets for capes. But really now maybe that is why I hold on to toys, with the hope that they might actually play with them! Well good luck and have a great Thanksgiving!

Sailor Mom said...

Sounds like a busy week. Have fun for Thanksgiving! I think toy companies just want us to spend more money. I'm glad imaginations still have sway.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Well since we moved the toys have been in the basement...other thn the few we kept out to play with while we moved and Rachele's b-day toys...they have not missed them. I sometimes wonder why we bother...but with the cold weather coming and the friends staying inside I'm sure they will want to play... As for the holidays as of today they are a no go for the
Story clan...with this rtash we can not be around anyone!!! Hope you enjoy yours!