Monday, December 6, 2010

Straight vs. Curly

Yes, this is a hair post. So, as you all know, I have been a "curly girl" since March. I have not straightened my hair ONCE since then. I started this crazy hair routine and have stuck to it. But lately, I have been losing my curl and wishing I could go straight...just once!

So, I did. I decided to just try it and see if it was as easy as I remembered (compared to the curly routine). It took FOREVER! My hair has grown quite a bit since March and it was a process to blow-dry and straighten it. And it was straight. And boring. No mystery! No suspense in waiting to see what the hair would look like after it was completely dry! Just boring.

I believe that I am now officially a "curly girl" :) A convert. But I am glad that I did straighten it, because now I can stop wondering and wishing it was straight. I can just be thankful for the curls.

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Abbey said...

Yes. Curls are best. But I do the same thing: wonder what it would look like the 'other' way. :)