Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More pictures...

Blissfully asleep on mommy's lap...
you know, the milk induced coma!

Wait, did you just take a picture of me?

My mommy loves this picture!

Stop sticking that Nuk in my eye, Sammy!

Milk for dinner again??

What can I say? I am adored!

Natalie is my second mommy!


Pat & Amber said...

I love the pics and the captions too! I think the fourth one down, he looks like he's doing some fancy karate move. lol Thanks for sharing these pics. It's great to see him growing since we don't get to see him much. Actually, I've only seen him once, and Pat's not even seen him yet.
:( He looks like he's doing well! Hope you are too!

Abbey said...

Wow! Seth is really a Jones baby...he looks just like Levi and Sammy. :) That is, adorable!

Angela & Ethan said...

He is adorable! I love the faces newborns make. How fun.


Jennifer said...

So adorable! He looks just like a little doll. And you can really tell that he belongs in your family!

How are you doing btw? I'm sorry, I haven't called you. I've been sending you good mental vibes, I hope you've been getting them.

Shanna said...

Yup looks just like Levi, again.