Thursday, May 8, 2008

The joy of dandelions!

I just wanted everyone who is concerned about the environment know that we are doing our part! We are letting our dandelions grow with reckless abandon in our yard and not spraying any destructive chemicals to get rid of them. I am sure our neighbors (whose lawn is absolutely gorgeous) do not appreciate it, but the kids love it. And I have to say that I love the little bouquets they bring in to me almost every day.

It keeps my kids busy. A few days ago, Levi decided he would "harvest" the tall dandelions and has spent a good deal of time doing it. Our trash can is filling up. When our neighbor with the perfect lawn was out, Levi asked her if our lawn looked lots better than it used to. She stammered something like, "Well, it's getting there." :) I just smiled at her as she swept up the three blades of grass that had gotten on her sidewalk.

But the real reason that we keep our dandelions growing is because of a Grandpa George (who George is named after, of course) story. He had many illnesses as a kid because his dad was a doctor, I believe, and brought home all kinds of germs. One winter was particularly rough and no one was sure that he would live through it. He knew that he would survive when he saw the first signs of spring out of his window. And the first sign he saw was dandelions!


Jennifer said...

It takes all kinds of people to create a world.

Dewey and Susan said...

More dandelionlore:

Pappy George said dandelions were his favorite posey (he never said flowers). He said they were like the Joneses- they could pop up anywhere and survive; were tenacious; not beautiful, but catch your eye.