Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reasons for Not Blogging

Reason number 1I am THRILLED that David Cook won! He was our favorite!!! By far the BEST!

Reason number 2

Reason number 3

These books are so fun to read, but again with the "I can't do anything but read" syndrome. This really just can't be a good thing, can it? I guess I should stop reading New York Times Best Sellers...because these books were so good, there was no putting them down!


Shanna said...

I loved those books. I am waiting for the last one to come out. I couldnt put them down either. My Mom started them way before I did and I finished way before she did. I think it took me a little over a week to read all three. Welcome to the club.

Pat & Amber said...

Hey guys! We were rooting for David Cook too. Managed to take in the finale last night between feedings with Griffin. I thought little "Archie" out-performed Cook in their last competition so expected him to win, but glad people voted on the body of work. Hope to see everybody soon!