Friday, May 9, 2008

Organized Chaos

Today, my kids and I walked around our subdivision shopping at garage sales. 2 people commented about how well-behaved my kids were :) This is the thought that I dwelt on when later every child was screaming their head off at the exact same time and there was nothing I could do to make anyone happy. That thought was my happy place. I am truly having a blast with 4 kids! I am blessed. :)


Shanna said...

Those comments are always great. Gives the feeling that you might actually be doing good as a parent. Glad it got you through the rough times. You really are a great Mom.

Pat & Amber said...

Pat and I both have June & July off work! We'll have to bring Griffin up and do some rummage sales with you. We love to go to rummages, and that would make 3 adults for 5 kids, hopefully more manageable! :)

Jennifer said...

Isn't it great when you get wonderful compliments like that? You are a great mother! You already know I think your kids are the most polite and kind ones I know.

And how about you all come over on Wed for train track tuesday? I know it's not tuesday, but we are entertaining five people from India on tuesday, and somehow having a huge train track in the middle of the floor just doesn't scream "come in, welcome to America!"