Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mud or Art?

Yesterday, the 3 older kids were outside playing. I was on the computer, but I could see them most of the time and hear them all the time so I wasn't worried. Sam left the group so I went to check on him. I eventually got to Levi and Natalie in the backyard and this is what I saw. From the ground up to about 4 feet, ALL of our cream-colored siding was black with mud. Each slat was either completely "painted" or had little pictures of stick figures drawn all over it. The kids, of course were also covered in mud and there was an 18 inch deep hole near the wall where said siding incident was occurring and I believe ALL of that mud was on the siding. It was funny...kind of. Of course, I made them scrub it all off. *Sigh* I wish I wish I was better at letting them enjoy their childhood...but it's just so darn MESSY!! :)

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