Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TV Guilt

Does anyone else feel guilty watching TV in the evening (or anytime)? I always feel like I should be making a list, or folding laundry, or reading a self-help book during the commercials. Maybe I should only be listening while I make dinner or mop the kitchen floor. George and I used to watch an unbelievable amount of TV. Within the last couple of years, we have gone down to only 2 shows and I still feel guilty watching them. That being said, I can't wait to sit and watch American Idol tonight! I will fold that last load of laundry while I am watching, though:)


Emily said...

Mostly I think, " I could be getting so much done now!" But I'm usually too exhasuted to do anything more than just sit there. Good for you for only watching 2 shows!

Jennifer said...

No way! Even President Monson said during a talk (a while back) that it's perfectly fine to enjoy a good book or movie (tv) as long as we've done our responsibilities first, like reading our scriptures. Totally paraphrasing...but still you need to have unwinding time spent with your husband, it's what helps you to be a good mom and wife too. I hope you enjoyed AI!

Abbey said...

I totally feel you on this one! Before I got preggo, I could watch TV for hours (and I did). But ever since finding out we were having Ella, I've been this nutso person who can't sit still. I've got to be doing something...making bows, cleaning, kind of drives me crazy!

I just decided to cut out all of my shows except comedies...with the exception of Lie to Me and 11th Hour. I was just getting sick of the murder-mystery stuff. For some reason, that makes it easier for me to relax.

Anyway...this is the longest comment in the history of blogging! Hey - are you guys getting digital 55? Because we aren't and I'm a little stressed that we won't be able to watch AI and Lie to Me!