Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Clean-out! and some Polaris Press

The rest of the kitchen, the other upstairs closet, Seth's closet and room, the top shelf in the TV room, and the game closet (scary!) are now done. There are piles and piles of stuff going into this garage sale. I hope that you all come and buy! I am not letting any of this stuff go back into my least, I think I'm not:) There are MANY things that would sell well on Ebay, but I am not sure that I want to go through the trouble. Argh. I just want it all gone!

School has suffered a bit, but we are just calling it a LONG weekend:) I LOVE homeschooling! The days will get made up with no problem eventually:) We had an awesome time visiting the local Debrands chocolate factory and tasting all of their yummo chocolates and fillings! We brought George some chocolates for his birthday on Monday. We didn't get any pics (I just don't think about the camera...too much other stuff to worry about!) but we saw people mixing and pouring and filling and wrapping and decorating. You know, if you work at Debrands, you get to eat as many irregular candies as you want? Nice benefit!

On Friday, Levi and I went to the library's Homeschool Bookclub, which was lots of fun. We sat with some people that we had met before and I was happy to see Levi participating, listening, raising his hand, and waiting his turn to speak. Lots better than last April where he was so shy, he didn't say 2 words! Natalie chose to stay home and watch a movie with her younger siblings and Becca's kids. I am not sure how much to push her..she would be in Preschool this year. Here academics are way high, but her attention span is normal 4 year old level.

On Friday night, Geo, Levi and I went to see a TIncaps game. I have to say, I complained loudly when FW decided to build the new stadium downtown. I thought it was a huge waste of money and resources. But that place was PACKED! And is was so much fun! The Tincaps won 1-0 and the other coach got thrown out of the game...that was fairly exciting:) It was also a fireworks game...we didn't get home until 11pm! Pretty late for Levi. I love hometown baseball. I wonder how much season tickets are for next year....

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Shanna said...

That is so cool to go to a game. I was a bit disappointed about the stadium too but it sounds like it was a good move. As for your sale I wish I could send my stuff your way to sell it. But non the less, my stuff is just going away with no money back. And it sounds like homeschooling is going good.Good for you to do it too. I do not have the ability to home school. So right on!!