Thursday, September 3, 2009

Veg-out Movie and the Clean Sweep!

Have you all seen this movie? It was too cute. I have really liked a lot of the movies we have seen produced by Halestorm. I never thought I would get into them, but I like laughing at all the Mormonisms. Perfect for a night after a fun, crazy and busy day! Speaking of which...

The clean sweep has taken the laundry room, half of the kitchen (I was supposed to finish that tonight...oops!), my bedroom and the 2 closets in it and one upstairs closet! SO exciting! And liberating! I even started on the storage room, but that was too scary:) Please spread the news...

Garage Sale
September 11&12
We have some of everything!
Kids clothes
Kitchen Stuff
Stampin' Up!
Home appliances
Home repair and cleaning
and LOTS of FREE stuff


Angela and Ethan said...

Good job Anna! I love, LOVE the feeling of organizing stuff and getting rid of stuff. Love it. Good luck with the garage sale...wish I could come.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Wow!! I wish I could do that.
All in good time I guess, maybe next year.