Friday, September 25, 2009

Seth no longer looks like a baby...or a girl!

The bottom 2 pics are pictures of Seth's beautiful baby curls. During the garage sale, many people said what a cute "girl" he was and I knew it was time for a haircut. So, I gave him one. And now he looks all grown up like my other boys. Sad.

The after picture is the top picture, as I can NEVER get my blog pics to go where I want them to.

Speaking of Seth, he is finally in Nursery, is trying to talk (and says many words and many non-words), and his favorite place to be is in the middle of our street or on top of our dining room table. Argh. He sure is cute, though:) I love his smiles and when he is cuddly. And I love it when he is looking for Sammy. "Mammy?? Mammy?" It's really cute.


Shanna said...

I can not believe you let his hair get that long!!! Love the cut!

Jennerator said...

Anna, your kids are super cute!
Jenn Perkins

Pat & Amber said...

He looks so much older...just how Sam did when you cut his curls. Griffin still doesn't have enough hair to even cut! I wish I could get the kid to drink milk.