Wednesday, March 31, 2010

House Pictures!

Seth's Room

I tried to put these in order, but whatever. Here's all of our new updates and paint jobs:) Enjoy!
I tried to get kid-less pics, but I realized I don't have one of the family room without kids. Ah, well.

Nat and Sam's Room

Levi's Room

Our Room

School Room

Our bathroom

Kid's Bathroom

Main Floor Bathroom

Family Room


Dining Room

Front Room


Coffee Please!?! said...

beautiful! how do you keep it so tidy with all the children? i feel like i am always fighting a losing battle!

Emily said...

awesome!!!! I especially love the painted bathroom, and the dining room looks so elegant. Love the lights in the fam. room! It all looks soooo great!

Shanna said...

Looks great!!! Everything is so clean wanna come clean my house now??

Pat & Amber said...

Looks great Anna! I'm sure you'll have a buyer when the time is right. Maybe there is a house you will LOVE so much, and your sell is holding off until you find that house. :)

Jennerator said...

I LOVE the yellow and white stripes!! Everything looks nice and clean (unlike my house)!!

Anna said...

Keeping it clean: it has helped that half of our stuff is in storage in my friend's garage. It's amazing how you can get by on so much less stuff!

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

I love it!! I would buy it if it was in MI and in my price range. I have been thinking of down grading our "stuff" so it will be easier to move.