Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One of those moms:)

Sam was MUCH better this time. And I did tell him about the shots...well, the other kids did, because they all were asking, "Do I have to get shots?" so that led him to ask and I answered honestly...and then totally bribed him:) "Yes, you'll get a shot...but then a sticker and you can come home and pick something out of the candy bucket!!!" He was ok at "sticker". I love 3 year olds:) He screamed pretty good (but at least not until after the first shot, unlike the last time) and as soon as we walked out of the room, the nurse gave him a sucker and he immediately turned off. Nice.

After we got to the office, I was patting myself on the back for not being late AND having happy kids at the moment (we had had a couple of meltdowns right before we left). As I looked around, I noticed that Natalie's hair was still in Sunday's pigtails...well, mostly. Her clothes didn't match. Levi's shirt was too small and on backwards. This is his favorite way to wear them, but I try not to let him out of the house that way. And then I thought, "What is Sam wearing? I didn't get him dressed this morning!" Luckily, Natalie had and he was in Sunday pants and a nice long sleeve shirt. Go Natalie! Seth had remnants of breakfast + lunch on his shirt. Sigh. But, we were early!

Before I had children, I thought I would never be that parent that takes their kids out looking disheveled, with dirty faces and mismatched clothes. Ha! Now I realize that the important part is that the kids have clothes and can pick what they want, that they have food to eat 3 meals a day, and that they have siblings that care about them and are helpful. Don't get me wrong...I would really like to have a nice looking brood, but sometimes it's just important that they all get to the doctor's office with me! And somedays, that's ALL I can do. Somedays, I sit and imagine what it might be like to have children that can independently get dressed, get breakfast, and get buckled. What in the world will I do with my life at that point? I really just can't imagine it!


Shanna said...

Someday right? Those days are far off in the distance for me too. We will make it!!

Anna Marie said...

You are not alone. We all have days like that, despite what the media or strangers have us believe. Glad the shots went well.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Like i said on my blog i could not help but laugh. I have had my share of those days and I only have two to keep track of. We will get to the day of independance...I just hope it is a long way off. Your school re-vamp sounds good. Keep us updated on the progress.

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