Thursday, May 20, 2010

Woment's Retreat

Food, friends, and Fun!! What more can you ask for???
These are some highlights from our Women's Retreat this weekend:

Me, Becca and Cynthia preparing to sleep outside on the deck. It was a GORGEOUS night, so clear and starry and not terribly cold. A tradition has started!!

JB and Kate jumped in the VERY cold lake. Hilarious to watch, but I wasn't about to get in.

Me, Jess, and Maryirene in front of the rustic cabin. This was their first time up.

Me and Lisa in front, Jana and JB in the back. This was on our way to a bulk food store where I made purchases like chocolate-covered almonds, cinnamon bears, and gummy teeth:)
Here's Becca and I in front of the cabin and the lake.

It's so beautiful up there and we all had a blast. We played some games, talked mostly, and ate SO MUCH good food. We did the Blue Gate (an Amish yummy pie restaurant) and watched "New Moon"...that was kind of funny! Becca and I were up was cold and dewey out there on the deck so we went in for hot chocolate. Becca went in to cook her quiche. It spilled over and REALLY stunk up the cabin and everyone woke up to that smell. It was kind of funny:) We ate some more and talked some more and then went back into town. We headed home in the evening and a few of us met to do dinner...our last fling before going back to reality.

I loved being in the company of these wonderful women. I love talking to them and learning from them. They are amazing. I hope that we can do this every year!!! I don't know what will happen when word gets out that it's so much fun, and then everyone wants to come. It's going to be crowded:)

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Emily said...

It was totally fun. Cute pics! Can't wait til next year!