Friday, July 11, 2008

Even Big Boys Need to Pretend to be Superman!

One evening, I sent George out to fold up the semi-dry tarp that had succeeded to kill a LOT of our grass the week before. We were trying to dry it out, but it just wasn't working. Too many surprise thunderstorms. Anyway, the kids and I are eating dinner, we look outside and George is streaking by the window in the backyard holding the humongous tarp like a cape! I couldn't stop laughing and wondered what the neighbors were thinking. :) One of the 7 million reasons that I love George! He can be unpredictable and it usually makes me laugh!

PS Sorry about the blurry pic...he was moving fast:)


Andrea said...

That is too funny! I know all too well - it's the quiet ones that are the funniest and most unpredictable!

joanna said...

I still think he and Kris need to go to therapy together.