Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food Storage Progress

My food storage is in the works! I have cleaned out my storage room, made a menu for my 3 month supply, taken inventory of what I have, and made a shopping list for what I need. Today, I went price shopping at Aldi's and will soon do Wal-Mart and compare it to the church prices. Yippee! This is a good thing. I will be so glad to have it done. Then on to the 72-hour kits and the long term storage. I wonder if something is going to happen soon because I (and it seems like many others) feel prompted to get this done. Or is this just happening because I am old and feel the need to provide for my family. :)

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Jodi said...

I just price-checked all the long-term grains at Walmart and so far pasta is the only thing at Walmart that is cheaper than the church.

It's a great idea to get a list of prices and then be able to watch for sales, etc. Good luck!