Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random thoughts about important things

My food storage prep is well underway! I am excited to have my storage room cleaned out and lined with shelves ready to be filled with food! I am now in the process of making menu plans and then shopping lists. I am loving the Food Storage site that is in my List of Blogs on the sidebar. If you need to get started in emergency preparedness, this is the place to go!! These 2 ladies have made a plan to accumulate 72 hour kits, 3 month supply, long-term food storage and car emergency kits in 1 year. They suggest things to buy week by week. Also, they have entries about making jam, granola bars and every Friday they make a meal completely from food storage items. Impressive!

I also am beginning to think about Homeschooling. Does anyone have any opinions about this? Can a normal parent do this? School is a scary place these days and I have really enjoyed being with all of my children this summer. There are so many programs for Homeschoolers (ie: YMCA, library, Parks and Rec) that the whole "socialization" thing is not an issue. Plus, this quote I read about homeschooling said something like, "Since when did we think 13 year-olds being with and learning from 13 year-olds was a good idea?" :) This morning, I asked Levi what he thought about me teaching him school at home. He said, "That sounds good to me!" We'll see if I am ready for this...it's quite the commitment. But I do LOVE not having to run around to drop off and pick-up!

Last thing, guess who is rolling all over the room these days? My 3.5 month old, Seth! Isn't this kind of early? I have been so grateful that all of my kids have been late movers. It makes life easier:) He is such a cutie!


Shanna said...

Well I know my sister who has home schooled said that she could never do kindergarten. There is something about that age and kids saying "I can't do it." So she has sent all of her kids to kindergarten and then has home schooled some and was required by law to send some to school (foster parent). She has home schooled a lot of grades through elementary and Jr high. But then they have to go to high school.

joanna said...

I have been keeping up with your blog, just not making many comments. I love your food storage ideas! I will have to check them out because I am trying to build up our food storage right now. I haven't gotten into the flour, dried beans and powdered milk storage yet. That all confuses me.

Julie Weiss said...

I found your blog because I'm really into food storage... but had to laugh at your 3.5 month old rolling over.
Mine started really early too. He is our first so my husband was all proud... Now we're wishing he would have taken things a little slower. He's been running around our house climbing dressers, and most recently learned how to climb out of his crib. He's just a year old now.

Andrea said...

I think if you have the patience and organization to homeschool, more power to you. Your children will get a much higher quality education at home than at school.

Sounds like you're really on the ball with the food storage. The whole food storage scene is CRAZY in Utah right now - expensive and unavailable. I'm still trying to figure out where it's because that many people are being moved upon to get their food storage, or it's just plain panic. I don't have the money to panic, so I'm trying to just pick away at it.

Hugh Johnson said...

Isn't it troubling that the opportunity that once came through a public education has eroded to its current state.

I want my children to both give and receive the blessings that come from being an active member of the community...not hiding behind locked doors and shuttered windows of the home.

But public schools are the window through which so much of society's ills are communicably spread. Just as measles, the flu, and chicken pox spread through our schools, public school systems serve as petri dishes for social disease. It is unfortunate that we have yet to find a vaccination for these sicknesses and the simple act of disinfecting is considered intolerant.

As twelve years of quarantine is not the answer, I'm sincerely torn.

Public school, home school, private school...Do we have any other choices? Do they have to be mutually exclusive?

Emily said...

Well, I am a home-schooling graduate much to everyone's surprise and if there is anyone who can do it, it's you. I don't have any experience with young children though, we were all older.

And I can't believe Seth is rolling over!

Sariah said...

I actually have a LOT of opinions on homeschooling... both pro and anti... so if you seriously want to hear them, email me. I don't want to spark any contentious discussions. :) Mostly, though... good for you and checking into all your options. that's the sign of a good mother!!!