Saturday, July 19, 2008

Food Storage

I have finally decided that the time is now to do my food storage. We had a talk in church recently and someone said, "Get rid of the excuses and just do it!" Or at least that's how it sounded to me.

I got on the church website and things are very different from when I got married and was calculating how much of what I needed. The church now says store a 3 month supply of what we use daily and then for a longer-term supply, store wheat (or rice or other grains) and beans. That's it! It did say on the Provident Living site that you could also supplement your storage with dried milk, baking powder, salt, oil and something else. This sure is different than the list that I have been looking at for years with tons of stuff on it that I don't use in my cooking.

Does anyone have any good suggestions of meals that can be stored easily? Or tips on how to keep your food in good order?

This is an exciting thing for me. I finally feel like I am doing something about food storage! And it seems do-able! Yipee! Now, who's gonna watch my 4 kids while I do some serious grocery shopping?


Hugh Johnson said...

I hate going to the store so I like buying in bulk anyway.

We eat a lot of rice, so we always have a lot on hand.

Before we moved from FW we had a total of 150 lbs of beans. I like beans; Shanna doesn't. But I think if the poop hit the fan, and there were earthquakes, floods, riots, and invading Martians, she could learn to eat beans.

We also had salt and pepper in bulk.

We had 2 x 55 gal barrels full of water in our basement. Plus plenty of store bought water battles because of easy transport when you need to move in a hurry during an emergency.

With this limited food and water I thought that we could do OK in an emergency.

I could have been more creative, but it would have been more expensive. Rice and beans are cheap and will keep for years.

Unfortunately, along with a food storage plan we need a security plan. An important part of this plan is to have some firepower to protect your family during these times. During your "post-Katrina" moment, your neighbors and I are going to see that you are not starving and are going to remember that you are that loony Mormon that blogged about her food storage. Loot and pillage time.

Hannah said...

I found your blog when I was doing some research on food storage. Anyway, yes it's a lot easier now than it used to be (3 months of food, now). My friend and I recently started a blog on food storage and emergency preparedness. On Fridays we share recipes that use ONLY food storage foods (nothing refrigerated, etc). Anyway, I hope it helps you out! Good luck!


Abbey said...

Our summer/fall of living off our food storage is going great! I can give you the recipes that I'm using...I just found 14 recipes that require little or no fresh foods. After we're done with our "test run", I'm definatly going to stock up again in the same way. I was so surprised at how easy it is!

Emily said...

I am feeling pumped about food storage too. I made a list of things that I never want to run out of and I am going to start with that. And it includes TP, diapers, cleaning supplies etc. Then there is the stuff that you would eat if you are on death's door which is a different category for me. You are getting me excited too. I plan on spending $50 on food storage/stocking my larder every month. We should get together and talk more.