Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Dream Vacation Play by Play

After Becca came and helped pack our car for our trip (I really had a brain before I had kids...really!), we felt ready to go and left after church on Sunday. We got up to George's brother in Chicago that evening and enjoyed visiting and pizza. Thanks, guys! We left our kids and headed out about 7 am. Of course, our kids were all up at 6am, Chicago time. I forgot about the time change!

We got to the campground in the early afternoon and set up camp. It's fairly easy and quick to do things without kids around. Also, not nearly as exciting:) We were hot enough after that to go for a swim. The lake was very low due to such a dry summer and the water was cold! But we got a bit wet and then cold and went back up to the site. We headed into Eagle River (the little tourist town nearby) to stock up on food. We came back and had a good fire with hot dogs and s'mores. Yummo! Everything is better on a campfire.

During the evening we watched a lightning show over the lake and I got a bit worried. But not a big storm...just a little rain.

The next day we read, hiked and went shopping in town. We stopped to see the Harry Potter movie just because we could:) That night we ate foil dinners...tasty!

Wednesday, we were planning to rent jet skis, but decided we were enjoying the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of our campsite too much, so we stayed around, read our books, went on a hike, visited my Uncle John at the Lyon cabin and made campfire chili. That was such a nice day. We also tried "banana boats". Has anyone done this? Banana, marshmallows, and chocolate chips in foil by the fire? I thought I like them, but realized...I don't like warm, mushy bananas. Ew!

After 3 days of fabulous weather, it rained the morning we had to pack up, of course. But it is a bit easier to leave the beautiful Northwoods if it's raining!

We had the most wonderful vacation. We were very ready to see our kids and enjoyed the time we got to see Bump's family. Many thanks to Teresa who single-handedly took care of 9 kids for the week. :) It was the best vacation EVER!!!


Shanna said...

I love banana boats!!

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Sounds awesome. Looks like you guys had fun.

HO IV and crew said...

We had a great time having your kids here! Will have to do it again sometime. Glad your vacation was so much fun.