Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisconsin Trip aka THE DREAM VACATION

The best part of camping is playing with fire, right??

This is 7 Mile Lake. The campground is up the hill from this lake. Gorgeous!

This is my favorite spot in the whole US, I think. It's a grove of pine trees that leads down to a bog. It's sooo peaceful and the wind blowing through the trees is a really cool sound:)

This is me pumping water. Well, really, I was just posing. But I had just finished pumping! This is a primitive campground. The amenities include pit toilets, a lake to bathe in, and a water pump!

This was the most relaxing trip I have ever taken. Most of our days were spent hiking and reading books around the fire pit. It was so quiet. Not a usual experience in my current lifestyle.

I have been going up to this same campground for 20 years and have never seen a bear. We saw this little guy twice! I think he was a cub. You know, he was only as big as George! We saw the bear on our way into the campground right when we got there. Very cool!

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Jo's Outlet said...

WHOOOOOAAAA.... you know what's not far away from a BLACK BABY BEAR??? A MAMA BEAR! BE CAREFUL!!! :) :) :)