Monday, August 31, 2009

Polaris Press: Good School Day!

Well, now that Sam is in a big boy bed, he gets up early. This is a mixed blessing. I HATE getting up at 7am...and for some reason he has not figured out that he can get out by himself. He just yells for me. And this was the reason we changed beds! But because he gets up early, he is tired and voluntarily lays down around noon. He has taken a nap a few times and today, both Sam and Seth slept at the same time! Yippee!!

We got our math done, a little reading, and went outside and did our first science project. The project was great...very simple, but taught the basics of the scientific method. I use the science projects from I love them! The bonus of the science project was it involved bugs and that is Natalie's FAVORITE! It kept her interest for quite a while and that has been hard to do lately.

Good day for Polaris Academy!

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