Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving? Not so much.

I have a tendency to get REALLY excited about new homes. That is "new" to me homes. We went to see 2 yesterday and started to plan how we could acquire a new home while selling ours. We decided we should probably have 2 houses so that we could sell an empty house. Let me tell you...4 kids under 6 and homeschooling...the house is NEVER clean! Anyway, we started talking about 2 house payments and how long we might have to do it. It was just a little unsettling, but very exciting!

Luckily our reasonable selves kicked in and we decided we really love our home, our yard (the 2 houses we saw had dumb yards) and our neighbors and that we don't really want to move.

The 3 reasons we were even looking for a house:
  • a place to go if a tornado came through
  • a place for the kids to bring their friends over and hang out when they are older-I really want them to hang out at our house!
  • more room for food storage
So we started to talk about how we could do those things to this house and it was really exciting. We are going to make some changes without spending a boatload of know, like an extra house payment!!

Life is good and I am thrilled that we are blessed with this house. It's had it's issues, but all in all, it's a great place to be!

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