Monday, August 31, 2009

Sam and my Clean Sweep idea

Sam is at the best stage. He says the funniest things. Of course, right now I can't think of any but when he says them, he rolls his eyes to the side and gets this goofy grin. Where does he learn this stuff? It's hilarious. Oh, I thought of one! Today at the zoo, we were petting the cow and the cow suddenly mooed really loud and Sam said, "Do it again, cowie!!" Cutie:)

So, here's my new idea. I am going to do my own "Clean Sweep" and drastically reduce the amount of clutter in my house. I only have until Sept. 11..that's when the association garage sale is. I really think I can do this, but I need someone that can be tough. I need someone to be a nice way. Can you come over and help me let go of my STUFF? I was inspired by looking at houses that are on the market and by Emily's garage sale. George and I decided we can have fun shopping for the next babies (if there be any:) and get rid of (almost) everything now. Doesn't that sound exciting!?!?!? It really does to me.

We just got done rearranging the kids rooms and putting Sam in a big boy bed and we just have lots of stuff. And it's stuff that isn't that great or needed. It's just stuff. Plus, if we can sell our junk stuff, we can buy nice stuff...right? :)


Candi Criddle said...

If you hasn't used it in six months, and it's not associated with a holiday/season, you don't need it.

Of course this doesn't count with books, or music...maybe I'm not very good at this.

Abbey said...

Anna, I will seriously come over and de-junk for you. I think this is one of my talents. I can be frightening, though...